US Online Gambling Restrictions

If you are like me and you want to play craps in online casinos there is a good chance you’ve been turned down (because of your nationality) more than enough times to realize that something is seriously wrong.  The reality of it is that it isn’t illegal for you to play in online casinos, and it is not illegal for them to take you as a player.  The only legal restriction (accept for players from Kentucky maybe?) is that banking institutions such as banks and credit card companies aren’t supposed to send your money to companies that operate online casinos.  No one is really paying much attention to this rule (US banks have enough to worry about right now) which is why there are still many great casinos offering their services to US customers.  The law that put these restrictions into action is known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act, which was pushed through congress in 2006 as an obscure part of a Port Safety bill.

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Craps Proposition Bets

For a few weeks now, I’ve been sticking to reasonable odds bets.  After all this time I’ve learned one thing. Play to have fun!  I had the lowest house edge in the room and I was still slowly leaking money because i wasn’t getting any big wins and i sure had a lot of small losses.  This wouldn’t bother me as much if it wasn’t so boring.  When your having a losing night the last thing you want is to not be having fun.

THEN i decided to make a change.  A guy on the other side of the table was taking some hits, but was pulling some big wins to balance that out.  The look in that guy’s eye is what compelled me to see what he was doing, so  I kept an eye on his next few bets.  ALL of them were proposition bets.  Every single bet was the very same bet that I had been telling people to stay away from for years.  I decided against my better judgment to give proposition bets a shot, and I don’t regret it.  They’re risky, and carry a huge house edge, but when you feel your game stagnating, a big win on a proposition bet is just what you need to get moving again. If you don’t know how to play the proposition bet (or any bet for that matter) check out this guide to craps bets.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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Betting after the fact… too bad it is illegal.

You’re sitting at a brand spanking new craps table in a brand spanking new casino and just as the dice are rolled you realize you now know the value that is shown AND nobody is looking at the bets on the table.  Not the dealer, not the box man, even the fuckin floor manager is busy looking the other way.  You think “Did i just catch the house with it’s pants pulled down?”  Well you might have.  We obviously don’t know for sure but probably hundreds if not thousands of players have slighly placed bets immediately after the roll and gotten away with it.  The only way we can be sure it happens is when casino security catches a player raking in thousands of dollars by doing this, but we never know about the players that got away.  This technique is called past posting and it is definitely cheating by any standards, and as such should never be used.

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Dice Control

I don’t care what anybody says, systems only offer just so much.  If you really want to grab the house edge by the balls and give em a twist, dice control is the only way.  For years now craps players have actually made a living at the craps table by influencing the roll of the dice and entirely changing the odds of the game.  And I know what you’re thinking “Too good to be true!  There’s no way this is legal!”.  Well you’re wrong, and the proof is in the pudding.  Too many pros are too good at defying the odds in contoled circumstances like the world series of craps. And if you get caught controling the dice in a casino, the worst you can expect is to be asked to leave(hey they gotta turn a profit).  But it is true that things are not quite as great as they seem.  To become good enough at dice control to actually start making a profit you need to put thousands of hours into practicing the grips and the throwing technique, but isn’t it worth it. Now if only I can find a regulation craps table for my basement I’ll be set.

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Bonus, Or Ball and Chain?

So you click on an ad for a site that is offering a $300 dollar bonus.  Sounds great right, just sign up and you get three hundred dollars, right?  Well sort of.  It’s not really that simple.   First of all you don’t just get the bonus for signing up.  In reality they will simply match your first deposit in an amount of UP TO three hundred dollars.  Much like the casino games you’ll be playing, you only stand to gain what you first put on the table.  From there even you aren’t in the clear.  Sure you get $300 to play with, but you can’t withdraw this money until you’ve bet fifteen to thirty times the sum or your original bet and the bonus.  This is called your wagering minimum and a low wagering minimum can substantially increase the value of a casino to you.

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I’ve been active in the online craps comunity for quite some time and if you want to play craps online, I’ve got some advice for you.  Everything from how to play, to where to play, and why.  For years I’ve been answering the same questions on forums and while chatting in casinos so I decided it was time to consolidate my knowledge in the site and share it with the world.  In the coming days I’ll start posting all the information you need to play craps online.

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